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Website SEO audit

Website SEO audit isn’t a choice for businesses anymore. It’s a necessity

Website SEO audit isn’t a choice for businesses anymore. It’s a necessity. While some consultants will tell you that all you need to do is develop great content on your website. We all know that’s not the case.
Search engine optimization has grown more complex over time. Technical SEO swamped with evolving best practices, strategies, and markup can create or break your overall SEO efforts. The search engines have become more competitive with punishments. In-house search marketers are loaded with the task of staying up to date with ever-changing SEO strategies while concurrently overseeing and executing in-depth initiatives.

Our Audit Service Includes

We will give you :

Precise analysis of your website’s design, structure, and function

Technical SEO Check-Up Crawlability, Indexation, and Code Issues

Check for and Advice on Best Practices and Impact on Search Visibility

Internal and External Linking Strategy

Summary of your site’s primary on page optimization details

Keyword Analysis – Using the right keywords?

Off Page – Incoming link summary, social media behavior overview

Crawlability – Are search engines getting everything they should notice?

Advice for on-page and link building

Follow Up Consultation

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