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DIM Blog – Facebook Ad Vs Boost

Facebook Ad Vs Boost

Digital Marketing in Bangladesh has become an integral part of every business in order to promote brand and business products and services.  Social media marketing in Bangladesh has proven to be the most effective way to find and reach potential customers as it enables organizations to stay in touch with huge number of social media users every day.

Usually in Bangladesh people spend a lot of time on social sites especially on Facebook and Instagram for connecting to their friends, colleagues, relatives and many other people we come across in life. What comes on our news feed? – Posts and picture uploaded by friends. Anything else? The bothering online advertisements which we do not want to see but anyway it is there in our news feed every day 24/7.

Among all the social sites in Bangladesh, Facebook is the most popular and it has the maximum percentage of Return on Investment, almost about 95.8 percent. It is the most effective site for online marketing in Bangladesh. But how do all these online advertisements come to our news feed on Facebook? It is a game of the digital marketers. With the help of Facebook Ads Manager or Power Editor, digital marketers and advertising agencies create advertisements for increasing page engagement and promoting their products and services via Facebook Ads Manager.

Different digital marketers prefer different marketing strategies for Facebook marketing in Bangladesh. For some products/services Facebook advertisement post is preferred and for some boosting is preferred based on their features and customer requirements. Both are almost same with the same intention of grabbing more customer attention and increase conversion rate.

However there are differences between Facebook posts/advertisements and Facebook boosting. Facebook advertisements can be of many types like video or live video, text, carousel, multi-image, banner ads, brand awareness, canvas ads, and category product list ads. One advantage of posted ads over boosting is that it is possible to find the exact rate of ROI which is not possible to figure out in boosting. So audiences can be retargeted later on by showing them the advertisements again and again.

Niche marketing is possible only through advertisements or posts which cannot be done when a post is boosted. Facebook users can be categorized through online advertisements according to demographic factors, location, the device they use, company, designation, gender, likes or interests, the links they visit and even the videos or pictures they watch online. The target audience is shown the advertisement. But does the advertisement help the business in achieving its goal? Yes, only if the audience is influenced much to click on the advertisements which might lead them to buy the product, sign up on the company’s website or be a registered customer or download any application. It is a great way to retarget customers on social sites and remind them that a particular product or service exists in the market. On the contrary, boosting can only target audiences demographically and people who are already connected with the Facebook page and friends of friends. This method has the options of Share, Like and Comment which increases social media activities of a brand and helps not to cease among hundreds of advertisements and posts. Boosting is just a humble reminder of the posts and advertisements that were previously shared. But boosting is time consuming and also expensive so it has to be done strategically depending on the product or service type so that the money spent on boosting does not go in vain. SEO experts in Bangladesh and Digital Marketing agencies mostly prefer to use advertisement post for reaching the market audience.

An important feature of digital advertising is that, it can also be done in Instagram other than Facebook. For doing digital marketing in Bangladesh effectively, the ROI must be calculated for remarketing purpose.

For successful online marketing in Bangladesh and in order to utilize digital internet marketing budget, a mix of both advertisement and boosting is required. But situations might vary from business to business. So marketers should be strategic enough to understand customers’ psychology and invest accordingly.